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Quality tyre repairs and replacements in Shuttlewood, Derbyshire

The importance of high-quality tyres for your vehicle

The legal minimum tread depth for your car’s tyres is 1.6mm (1.0mm for motorbike tyres) but driving on tyres with a deeper tread depth is beneficial for road performance and safety. If you haven’t checked the depth of your tyre treads in a while, they may have worn down without you being aware. This can decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and, if left for too long, can endanger you and other road users.

Local tyre replacements in Shuttlewood, Derbyshire

If you think your vehicle is driving strangely, there could be a fault with the tyres on your vehicle. Whether your tyre needs repairing or replacing, bring your vehicle along to Hillside Garage of Shuttlewood, where we offer affordable tyre replacements for all types of vehicles, no matter your budget. We can even collect your vehicle and deliver it back to your house after completing the work should you be unable to drop it off yourself. This service is offered within a five-mile radius, so we are proud to serve the entire community of Shuttlewood, Derbyshire.

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Excellent facilities and equipment located in the heart of Shuttlewood, Derbyshire

At Hillside Garage of Shuttlewood, we are proud to offer the highest quality equipment to accurately diagnose any tyre repairs or replacements your vehicle may require and then carry out repairs as quickly as possible.

No matter what vehicle you are driving, if you think there is a fault with your tyres do not hesitate to get in contact with our friendly mechanics at Hillside Garage of Shuttlewood who can advise you on what repairs are necessary for your vehicle. We will never carry out any work without first explaining it to you and then receiving your full approval. Book an appointment today using our free online booking tool. We are open between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday and are located just off Junction 29A of the M1.

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